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Adopt -a- Censorship Panda

AKA:  Online pets with a purpose!
The birth of Adopt -a- Panda

As I browsed through the net, I realized that there were a lot of those "adopt a dragon"  or "adopt a fuzzy" things were people would draw a picture then have other people 'adopt' it to put it on their sites.  Kinda a cutesy way of getting visitors.  I had a couple once, but over time I took em down.  I mean, other than saying "this is what I adopted somewhere on the net", what point was there to them?

Then an idea hit me.

Everyone is familior with web-ratings.  Those are those things on a site that say whether or not they are PG rated or for Mature people only.  Course they tend to only come in that black box styles.

So I decided...why not combine the two?

Thus the adopt- a -Censor panda was born!  Now all you have to do is:
1.  Decide what your site's rating is going to be (I wrote what each one represents to help you decide)
2.  Right-click and save the picture
3.  Put it on your website whever you please
4. (optional but much appreciated)  Link the graphic back to my site (http://www.mabsland.com)

Easy enough right?  So go out there, adopt a panda.  These girls need homes and jobs, you dont wanna make them homeless?  Pandas are endangered enough as it is. Tell your friends.

G Version 2!
Gee:  (G rating)

An all age site.  These sites will have no offensive content on them whatsoever.
G Button!!
Pai Gon
Pai Gon Version 2!
Pai Gon:  (PG rating)

This site contains little or mild offensive materials.  Basically stuff only uptight parents would get upset over.
Pai Gon Button!
Fa Teen
Fa Teen Version 2!
Fa Teen:  (14 Rating)

This site contains slightly offensive material.  High chance of mild swearing, partial nudity, violence and adult themes.
Fa Teen Button!
Rebma Version 2!
Rebma:  (MA Rating)

For mature audiences.  Contains high risk of violence, nudity, and adult situations.  Viewer should be at least 17 or with parental guidance.
Rebma Button!
Lady X
Lady X Version 2!
Lady X:  (NC-17 rating)

Should definetly NOT be viewed by minors.  Contains graphic violence, mature themes, and/or nudity and adult situations.  Not for kids in other words.
Lady X Button!
Nyra:  (No Rating)

Content is still being formatted and worked out and a proper rating has yet to be decided.
Nyra Large version
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